Soundpeats Qy8 Sports Claw Running Earphones Amongst Bluetooth 4.1 + Edr

If you lot are having problem amongst normal traditional earphones that are ever falling out of your ears, you lot may desire to depository fiscal establishment check out this span of wireless earbuds yesteryear SoundPEATS. They are called QY8 too come upward amongst 2 dissimilar types of ear claw designs, which piece of job good at keeping the earbuds within your ears!

The QY8 earphones come upward within a neat Black zippered difficult case, along amongst a micro USB charging cable, business buckle too dissimilar sizes of ear buds (x6), equally good equally dissimilar shaped ear hooks (6 dissimilar size pairs inward total), cable clip too user manual.
First impressions of the QY8 Bluetooth earphones are swell too these are genuinely super lightweight. They are attached to a apartment anti-tangle cable, which is swell equally it way they are less probable to fray.
The LED indicator, microphone too the controls (volume, play/pause/pairing too side yesteryear side track), which are also on the correct ear slice are really slow to use.
The place of the controls is quite clever actually. The primary multi-functional push is genuinely located on the outer casing of the correct ear piece, too pressing it allows you lot to pair, play/pause too respond calls.
The other 2 buttons are the majority up/next runway too the majority down/previous track, which blend seamlessly on the side of the correct ear piece. The sound itself is good.
As far equally charging, amount accuse takes roughly 2 hours too that gives you lot about 5 hours of music fourth dimension or verbalize fourth dimension (175 hours stand upward yesteryear time).
The Bluetooth radio frequency hit is 10 meters, too also characteristic sixth Gen CVC vibrations reduction too apt technology. The QY8 also characteristic the latest version of Bluetooth, 4.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate).

The Verdict
From having used them for a while, the QY8 sports earphones genuinely experience comfortable to article of apparel too amongst the dissimilar size too sort ear hooks you lot tin detect the perfect jibe for your ears too thus the earphones create non autumn out when working out at the gym or running outdoors. The sound of the QY8 sound but equally practiced equally as to a greater extent than expensive earphones (base too treble appear to endure good balanced). On a amount accuse you lot tin larn a practiced 5 hours of continuous playback, which is swell for listening to music, sound books too also for hands gratuitous calling. If you lot are looking for a span of Bluetooth headphones to article of apparel at the business office and/or working out, the QY8's are a swell choice. Check out the Soundpeats QY8 Wireless Sports Earphones