Take Your Raspberry Pi Off-Grid Alongside Solar Ability & Portable Battery!

If y'all are looking for ways to laid your Raspberry Pi gratuitous from extension cables too portable batteries, at that spot is a neat mount solution, called PiJuice, that y'all should cheque out. PiJuice makes the Raspberry Pi portable too it's capable of telling the Raspberry Pi its accuse score too then it tin automatically ability off when the battery running on empty.
The wages of using a wirefree solution such every bit PiJuice compared to the M external ability packs already out at that spot is that the PiJuice is integrated too convenient, merely similar the ability provide for a cellphone or laptop. You tin plug it inwards too out of whatsoever of your Raspberry Pi project at whatsoever time, speedily too easily without having to role cables too bulky batteries.

The PiJuice is compact, terms effective too ideal for all portable applications such every bit edifice Raspberry Pi robots that involve a minor too compact ability supply. The PiJuice's lithium ion battery gets y'all 24 hours of power, though the module is compatible alongside a larger 5000 mAh battery for fifty-fifty longer battery life. 
One of the the most appealing features nearly the PiJuice is the solar ability pick that allows y'all to literary ability your Raspberry Pi forever, thank y'all to a particularly made 6V solar panel for plug too play remote operation.

If y'all are person who spends a lot of fourth dimension outdoors using STEM outreach activities, the PiJuice volition move an ideal solution every bit it volition allow y'all accept your Raspberry Pi off-grid, which is slap-up if y'all desire to accept your Raspberry Pi projects far away from mains power.

PiJuice is compatible alongside all electrical flow Raspberry Pi models (Raspberry Pi A+ Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi 2B) too includes a GPIO header extension, amount ability administration API, integrated Real Time Clock (RTC), Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), Wake On alarm, depression ability deep-sleep terra firma too multi-colored RGD LED amid other features. The PiJuice provides a neatly packaged portable ability solution to ability the Raspberry Pi via battery too solar power.