The Holga Digital Version Of The Holga 120N Retro Photographic Television Camera Supports Wifi Cards!

It's e'er groovy when erstwhile technology transitions into the digital world! Not also long agone Kodak digitized the Super 8 analog camera too at nowadays nosotros own got a digital version of the master Holga analog camera.

Holga Digital is a digitized version of the Holga 120N retro photographic telly camera that replaces the medium format cinema alongside an 8MP 1/3.2" CMOS sensor. You tin forcefulness out select betwixt 120 or 135 facial expression ratio too the photographic telly camera itself is powered past times ii double AA batteries.
The images are stored onto an SD menu too you lot tin forcefulness out purpose a wireless retentiveness menu to add together Wi-Fi to the Holga Digital camera. This is groovy because it agency every bit shortly every bit you lot shoot a photograph you lot tin forcefulness out right away meet it on your smartphone or tablet.
The Holga Digital photographic telly camera features a built-in hot shoe (for a flash unit),a thread (for a tripod mount), two-stop apertures f2.8 too f8 every bit good every bit a bulb shutter way for long exposure shots (check out camera lens optics explained for to a greater extent than information).
You tin forcefulness out purpose dissimilar lenses (wide, fisheye too tele) too you lot tin forcefulness out purpose the lens from the Holga 135mm photographic telly camera alongside a lens adapter.
Besides its smaller size, the novel Holga Digital photographic telly camera retains pretty good the await too experience of the master analog Holga 120N.
This digital version of Holga also features a "Color" shooting way too a "Black/White" shooting mode, an SD menu port, a micro USB port, a sentiment finder too a shutter.
When you lot press the shutter, a carmine LED calorie-free blinks (inside the sentiment finder) to confirm the photograph has been taken too saved onto the SD card.

The Verdict
The novel Holga Digital camera brings a existent retro smash from the past too retains the same quirkiness too simplicity the analog Holga 120N had (it's fun to purpose too). Instead of 120mm film, images are stored on a secure digital menu too you lot won’t own got to worry almost shutter speed, aperture, ISO, too white relaxation when using it. The dimensions of the Holga Digital are 56mm thick (from the dorsum to the photographic telly camera lens tip), 73mm tall (from the base of operations to the come about of the hot shoe) too 92mm wide. Check out the Holga Digital Retro Toy Camera