Turtle Crunch 2.0 Omnidirectional Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Past Times Outdoor Technology!

If you're a fan of rugged outdoor gear, banking concern check out this offering past times Outdoor Technology. It's called Turtle Shell 2.0, together with it's a H2O resistant together with wireless Bluetooth speaker amongst a built-in microphone that yous tin give the axe accept anywhere outdoors, or merely proceed depression primal together with classy at home!

First impression of the Turtle Shell 2.0 is bully amongst a fun packaging presentation together with eye-catching big fonts together with colors.
The Turtle Shell itself has a cool ready together with unmistakable blueprint that makes it actually stand upwards out. The engineering within the Turtle Shell 2.0 also stands out equally a wireless portable speaker because of the speaker system. Turtle Shell 2.0 uses a laid of omnidirectional twin speakers together with then sounds locomote inwards every management (great for small-scale outdoor gatherings).
The Turtle Shell 2.0 has a soft to the touch, withal durable rubberized fabric that covers the entire speaker system, together with gives 2nd confidence that the Turtle Shell 2.0 volition live to a greater extent than or less fossil oil use.
The trappings on the Turtle Shell 2.0 include a pairing button, together with multi-functional skip rail together with book command buttons that yous also utilization to answer calls. The LED lite is located on the ON/OFF push itself. On the side of the Turtle Shell 2.0, at that spot is a flap which protects the micro USB port together with 3.5 mm good jack.
The bottom of the Turtle Shell 2.0 has 4 safe feet to proceed it steady inwards identify together with a stone climbing carabiner hook, equally good equally a tripod photographic telly camera thread that allows yous to mountain the Turtle Shell 2.0 to many accessories such equally a claw mount for your bike's handgrip bar. Since the Turtle Shell 2.0 is also H2O resistant, yous won't possess got to worry almost pelting splashing on it.
Pairing the device amongst your smart device is tardily together with amongst 1 touch, together with the Turtle Shell 2.0 volition reconnect automatically to your previously paired device. The wireless make is upwards to 32 feet. It weighs seven Pounds together with measures 5.6"x 3.9" 2.1".

The Verdict
The Turtle Shell 2.0 is a dust, daze proof together with H2O resistant wireless 96 decibel speaker that fits inwards the palm of your manus together with offers sixteen hours of play or beak fourth dimension (standby fourth dimension of 700 hrs). It comes amongst a soft carrying pouch, 2 bumper stickers, USB charging cable and TRS jack to jack cable. You volition never fault the Turtle Shell 2.0's neat together with attractive expect amongst whatever other portable wireless speaker because of its recognizable together with enterprise design. At 96 decibels, the Turtle Shell 2.0 is real loud for a portable wireless speaker of its kind. The good character is also surprisingly crisp for a rugged speaker together with at that spot aren't whatever noticeable distortions fifty-fifty at max volume.

The Turtle Shell 2.0 has an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which allows yous to flow high character stereo from an A2DP origin such equally your smartphone. The Turtle Shell has another Bluetooth profile called Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVCRP), which allows yous to command rail together with book remotely. Check out the Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker