A Remote Command Auto That Tin Wing In Addition To It's Likewise Bullet Proof!

Who would accept idea of a remote command machine together with drone all inward one, right? There is genuinely such an ingenious gadget that volition move launching to marketplace called "B". This RC machine is essentially a remote controlled hybrid car-helicopter capable of driving across all-terrain equally good equally taking-off together with fly. The ingenious mortal behind this bully concept has cleverly (and appropriately) named it "'B' the flight car".

What I honey almost this hybrid car-helicopter/drone concept is that is able to transition on the motion betwixt driving, flight together with dorsum again. This hybrid RC car/drone tin navigate through hard terrain together with fly, together with make bully speeds on apartment surfaces besides amongst its huge large wheels which mensurate 210 mm inward diameter. You tin also tape all the activity amongst the photographic goggle box camera that comes on-board the car.

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B also boasts simply about seriously sturdy (but lightweight) trunk pattern thank yous to the "bullet proof window" textile used for the principal chassis of the car, which allows the machine to withstand the worst of landings. When the vehicle crashes from high altitudes, the driving rings detach from the housing together with tin move easily position dorsum together. The futurity plans for "B the flight car" is to embrace it inward solar panels to allow it to accuse from the Sun together with to also purpose the freely rotating propellers against the current of air to generate extra ability when stationary. To move honest, I tin run across this technology scientific discipline beingness applied to search together with rescue equally good equally for nation of war machine applications. I wonder how presently machine manufactures volition move prototyping a existent flight car, which tin also move operated past times province together with sea?

Here is video showing what "B the flight car" tin do: