Blinkytape Rgb Led Multi-Color Low-Cal Strip For Led Projects

Being such a fan of DIY Internet Of Things, I'm looking forwards to trying out the visually creative role of LED strip lighting too how it tin live on used for DIY LED projects equally good equally IoT projects!

The led strip that I produce got amongst me today is called BlinkyTape, which is a fun too glowy meter-long full-color lite strip consisting of sixty independent RGB LEDs controlled past times a custom lite processor board. BlinkyTape comes amongst a built-in micro-USB connective too it is enclosed within a flexible too weatherproof silicone protective covering. The BlinkyTape lite strip is powered via USB too the brightness too effects are controlled via a tiny on-board switch.
With the BlinkyTape you lot tin produce got it amongst you lot on the become (with the role of USB battery pack) too you lot tin custom brand your ain lite patterns too store/save them straight on the BlinkyTape lite strip for playback away from the computer. Also, you lot tin ready the color of each LED's red, light-green too bluish too command each LED individually, which is pretty cool!

The lite patterns too animations are created too edited inward real-time using BlinkyTape's PatternPaint or AmbiTape software, though you lot tin too role costless programming environments such equally Processing, Python or Arduino since the BlinkyTape uses the same ATMEGA32u4 processor used inward the Arduino Leonardo development board. Check out BlinkyTape Light Strip

BlinkyBoard Specs

  • 8-bit ATMEGA32u4 operating at 16MHz
  • 32KB Flash memory
  • 2.5KB RAM
  • Micro USB connective for ability too data
  • On-board micro switch for interactive applications