Connecting A 1930'S Typewriter To The Internet!

I detail expect dorsum at the mechanical typewriter alongside nostalgia equally I used to type for hours on cease on my dad's Royal 10 (now i of my prized possessions). There is genuinely a lot to similar close the typewriter peculiarly since it was the precursor to the calculator age, as well as it's nice when scientific cognition injects life into applied scientific discipline from yesteryear for practical purposes.

One bully event of what I'm talking close is the Interactive Typewriter called Dico, which is an automatic typewriter that uses an ultrasonic sensor to notice a mortal walking past times as well as and then initiate a two-way conversation past times connecting you lot to a random mortal somewhere inward the world. Everything the other mortal as well as yourself type gets typed out automatically past times the typewriter as well as communicated to i approximately other inward existent fourth dimension (like a fax machine would).

What's genuinely cool close the Dico IoT projection is how literary someone halfway across the globe tin grade the sack physically typewrite something on physical newspaper without always been present! Pretty neat, huh? It's interesting to acquire that the Dico Interactive typewriter uses an Arduino micro controller as well as I wonder how much an improvement it would brand if it were to exercise a to a greater extent than powerful micro-controller such equally the STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller used past times the RedBear Duo IoT evolution board.

The brains behind Dico is Joe Hounsham. I wonder if he has plans to launch his applied scientific discipline to market?

If you lot haven't seen the Interactive Typewriter before, hither it is inward action: