Luma Active Is A Rechargeable, Super Brilliant Too Lightweight Caput Torch!

There is a novel hands-free lighting organization solution called, Luma Active, which is a super bright, USB rechargeable in addition to ultra lightweight headlamp perfect for early on morning time runners, hikers, climbers in addition to fifty-fifty on the ski slopes. The headlamp LED organization in addition to Luma Active headband weigh no to a greater extent than than seventy grams (weight of a modest egg) in addition to it's powered past times a Li-Ion battery, which is rechargeable via micro USB to criterion USB.

The Luma Active headlamp is operated via a unmarried multi-functional push clit which powers on in addition to off the unit of measurement in addition to operates all 3 lighting modes of the Luma Active, including the cherry-red LED dorsum lights on the dorsum of the headband. The backlights are actually a corking characteristic for additional security when running on the side of the road.
The front end low-cal of the Luma Active consists of 2 LEDs which offering a combine maximum luminosity of 122 lumens, 3 hours of battery life in addition to xxx meters hit of visibility (Off-road Mode). The other 2 modes are the City Mode in addition to the Country Mode. The City low-cal trend has a hit of v meters, 25 lumens of luminosity in addition to battery life lasts around xv hours. The Country low-cal trend is sixty lumens in addition to has a hit of 8 meters in addition to battery life lasts around six hours.
I actually similar how lightweight the Luma Active LED organization is in addition to how comfortable in addition to breathable the headband feels around the head. H5N1 pair of other squeamish features of the Luma Active headtorch are the warning flashing warning when the battery is running depression in addition to the ability saving trend to conserve battery life. To accuse the Luma Active LED system, only connect the unit of measurement to your laptop reckoner or USB wall charger. When charging, a cherry-red in addition to bluish LED volition plough on. Full accuse takes 3 hours in addition to in 1 lawsuit the unit of measurement is fully charged the cherry-red LED volition plough green.

The Verdict
Luma Active headband is a front end in addition to dorsum caput lighting solution made of character fabrics (80% polyamide micro in addition to 20% elastane), which brand the headband elastic in addition to soft to the skin. The Luma Active LED organization tin live easily removed to launder or transfer to some other headband. You tin besides purchase a Luma Active cap, every bit good every bit dissimilar coloring headbands in addition to caps. Removal in addition to installation of the LED organization takes precisely a few seconds. the headband is comfortable to wear, slow to utilization in addition to made inward Austria. Check out Luma Active
Luma Active Technical Data
  • Weight: seventy g (cap/headband incl. LED system)
  • Power supply: Li-Ion battery, 1.100 mAh rechargeable
  • Charger connection: micro USB
  • Waterproofness: IPX4 or higher
  • Certifications: CE, UN38.3
Luma Active Lighting Modes
City Mode:
Luminosity: 25 lm
Battery life: nine h to xv h xxx 2d (with resp. without backlights)
Range: v m

Country Mode:
Luminosity: sixty lm
Battery life: v h xxx 2d to six h 45 2d (with resp. without backlights)
Range: 8 m

Off-road Mode:
Luminosity: 122 lm
Battery life: 2h 45 2d to 3 h xv 2d (with resp. without backlights)
Range: xxx m