Lupo Bluetooth Tracker For Smartphones Together With Tablets

Lupo is a pocket-size item finder device (the size of a pound coin) that uses Bluetooth to rail as well as warning you lot of the location of anything tagged alongside the Lupo. Being individual who typically misplaces their wallet as well as keys, I was quite looking frontwards to seeing how this smart petty gadget worked!

The Lupo comes create to role out of the box. Firstly, download the Lupo app from the Google App Store or iTunes App shop for your Apple or Android phone. Then, launch the app as well as press as well as concord on the switch on the Lupo device to allow the Lupo app to dyad alongside the Lupo (this takes a few seconds). After that, you lot are create to tag as well as role the Lupo. An instructions manual exercise come upwardly alongside the Lupo though the Lupo User Manual has to a greater extent than detailed information.

The Lupo app interface is user-friendly as well as slow to navigate. You tin either telephone call upwardly the Lupo or persuasion it on a map (make certain you lot plough GPS map location on your phone). If your telephone is inside gain of the Lupo, the app volition display a message "it's unopen by" or "it's out of range". If you lot are out of range, you lot tin select "view on map" as well as the app volition present you lot the concluding known recorded location (including appointment as well as time) of the Lupo.

The Verdict
One of my favorite features of the Lupo is the photographic idiot box camera feature, which allows you lot to accept pictures on your smartphone past times pressing the switch on the Lupo tag. Essentially, you lot tin accept pictures on your smartphone past times remote control! Another clever characteristic of the Lupo is the "Alert" feature, where you lot are alerted (by way of sound) that your telephone has lost contact alongside the Lupo . This characteristic is quite useful every bit it way if you lot were to drib your keys or forget your wallet at a eatery you lot would survive alerted. Check out Lupo Bluetooth Tracker