Mogees Audio Recognition Turns Gestures Into Musical Instruments!

Mogees is a sensor in addition to app that tin plough anything into a musical musical instrument on the fly, likewise equally heighten existing instruments in addition to command whatever musical instrument via MIDI. Mogees is essentially a pocket-size vibration sensor that tin last stuck to whatever object or surface to range music past times means of tapping, scratching, etc. For example, if y'all tap the surface of a tabular array top, y'all volition range a tune, simply if y'all scratch it, y'all volition range a dissimilar tune.
Mogees is plug in addition to play. Just plug Mogees into your iPhone or Mac (Windows coming soon), launch the Mogees app in addition to connect your speakers or headphones. From the Mogees app, guide an musical instrument in addition to kickoff tapping away. The Mogees app volition give away the frequency of your gesture in addition to volition melody the audio of the musical instrument accordingly.

Each tap or scratch audio recorded tin last in addition to then associated amongst a detail instrument. The Mogees app detects in addition to analyzes the racket y'all make, in addition to and then alters the acoustic properties to brand the racket musical past times producing dissimilar notes in addition to timbres.

What I actually similar nearly Mogees is that everyone tin invent their ain means to play. The Free Mode inwards the Mogee app lets y'all improvise completely, acre the Song Mode allows y'all to preload your ain vocal in addition to and then translate it amongst the music instruments y'all create.

The Verdict
Mogees tin transform anything into a musical musical instrument in addition to tin last used equally a MIDI Controller to trigger dissimilar MIDI notes in addition to command whatever synth or effect. With Mogees y'all decease a mobile app in addition to special contact microphone, which plant amongst smartphones in addition to tablets. The Mogees input adapter that comes amongst the bundle tin last used amongst criterion music equipment in addition to computers.

Mogees uses sysnthesis techniques such equally physical modelling synthesis in addition to frequency modulation synthesis (FM synthesis) to copy the physical rootage of audio in addition to turning it into a different-sounding tone. The Mogees app has a sizable alternative of specifically-designed audio engines such equally classic drum sounds. Check out Mogees Sound Recognition Vibration Sensor