This Hovering Drone Hauls Nose-First At Over Sixty Mph!

Quadcopter drones look to locomote everywhere but I haven't come upward across an aerial photographic telly camera drone that tin forcefulness out practice super fast forwards flight, allow lonely intermission the 100 km/h (60 mph) barrier. This multirotor drone, which goes yesteryear the mention of X PlusOne, tin forcefulness out essentially wing twice equally fast equally a traditional quadcopter drone. The X PlusOne is sure enough going to completely add together a novel dimension to drone hovering in addition to RC bird flying equally nosotros know it because of its ii flying modes. The XPlusOne tin forcefulness out hover too equally wing at high speed flying from its fixed wing. Can you lot imagine taking aerial shots at 100 km/h?

Seeing the flying exam video below, you lot tin forcefulness out encounter the X PlusOne existence able to smoothly accept off, hover, in addition to province similar a traditional quadcopter too equally existence able to self-stabilize inwards both hover in addition to forwards flying modes yesteryear transitioning betwixt the ii at the flip of a switch. What allows the X PlusOne to pitch over ninety degrees in addition to wing nose-first at over lx mph (100 km/h) is the upward facing wing inwards house of the quadcopter frame. The amount dimension of this drone/aircraft hybrid is 32.5 x xix x xiv inches in addition to weighs but nether iii lbs. I tin forcefulness out already encounter the armed services using this technology scientific discipline to practice a novel breed of armed mini drones too equally up-scaling the technology scientific discipline to a amount on aircraft for the Marines!

Take a await at the video below of the X PlusOne's hovering in addition to fast forwards flying potential: