Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee Handheld Stabilizer For Smartphones

Having seen up-close earlier a professional person camera stabilizer used for cinema production tracking, I am looking frontwards to trying out a handheld version of a professional person Steadicam. The i I accept for review is the handheld Steadicam Smoothee Stabilizer past times Tiffen, which comes amongst a universal smartphone mount, a balance weight, a belt clip too a user guide.

The user guide is genuinely quite handy too user-friendly, too has easy-to-follow pictures that present you lot inward 8 steps how to attach the smartphone mountain to the Smoothee Stabilizer too how to residue the Smoothee Stabilizer.

After attaching my smartphone to the universal mountain too reading the user guide, balancing the Smoothee Stabilizer was guide forward. To leave of absence the residue correctly you lot take away to adapt the "forward/backward" too "left/right" tilts using the cherry-red knobs, every bit good every bit slide up/ or downward the "front residue weight" (circular affair at the forepart of the Smoothee Stabilizer frame) until you lot leave of absence perfect balancing. Here is a video tutorial which shows you lot how this is done:

Once the Smoothee Stabilizer is properly balanced, travelling steal the Smoothee Stabilizer handgrip amongst i manus land using both your index finger too pollex to command the photographic boob tube camera mount. Apply e'er too thus lightly pressure level to the nether side to stabilize the Smoothee Stabilizer. You tin likewise role your other manus to stabilize the Smoothee land gripping the handgrip amongst the other, but I uncovering the "finger thumb" technique is to a greater extent than effective.

The Verdict
The Steadicam Smoothee Stabilizer gives the amateur filmmaker a footling gustation of what beingness a Hollywood Steadicam operator would live on like. With the Smoothee Stabilizer you lot tin attach your smartphone or activity photographic boob tube camera too rail shots, follow actions shots, capture broad pans too shoot smoother handheld footage which glides seamlessly through the air. The Steadicam Smoothee Stabilizer is compatible amongst the GoPro too Drift activity cameras. Check out the Steadicam Smoothee Handheld Stabilizer

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